Rand Paul Knows ‘What a Pile On Feels Like’


Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul won't go so far as to endorse Republican congressman Joe Barton's position that forcing BP to create a $20 billion trust fund for victims of the BP oil spill is a "shameful ... shakedown," a position that caused an immediate, oppositional reaction from the White House and even from fellow Republicans. But Paul does see where Barton's coming from:

"I don't want to pile on [Barton]. I know what that feels like. What I will say is I have never liked the tone of the president when he said things or his administration says things like he is going to put the boot on the throat of BP ... If we put BP out of business, they can't pay for the cleanup."

What if it's just a little ass-kicking?

Rand Paul Offers Sympathy For Joe Barton: I Know What A Pile-On Feels Like [HuffPo]