Richard Blumenthal’s Own Staffer Calls Him a Liar


Just as Connecticut Attorney General and Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal's Vietnam controversy was fading into memory — with the assistance of Illinois's Mark Kirk — now a staffer of Blumenthal is coming forward to tell the world how much of a lying liar his boss truly is. Assistant Attorney General Richard Hine — a Republican who supports Blumenthal opponent Linda McMahon but who also keeps an Obama bumper sticker on his car — claims that twenty years ago, when he was being called up to serve during the Gulf War, Blumenthal told him, "You as a major would have it easier than I did as an enlisted man in Vietnam."

“He was lying to me face to face,” he said, adding that he had heard similar remarks of service in Vietnam at least five times, at least half before September 11, 2001, and half after. “He didn’t misstate, he didn’t misspeak — he lied.”

The working environment in the Connecticut attorney general's office just got a lot more uncomfortable.

'Lying face to face' [New Britain Herald]