Rick Lazio Is Your Hopeless Republican Nominee for Governor


With the support of 59 percent of the delegates at the state Republican convention today, Rick Lazio — former congressman, failed Hillary Clinton opponent, personal-space invader — has, as expected, secured a spot on the Republican line to challenge Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor. The only real question coming into today was whether Steve Levy — Suffolk County executive, Democrat turned Republican, mustache — would have the votes to get on the ballot as well and force a primary. Levy did pass the 25 percent threshold normally required to get on the ballot, but because he’s not actually registered as a Republican yet (his party switch, by law, won’t take effect until after the election), he needed to get 50 percent of the delegates to grant him what’s known as a Wilson-Pakula waiver. Levy fell short there, only garnering 43 percent of the vote.

But Lazio may face a primary challenger yet: Carl Paladino — Buffalo real-estate tycoon, 9/11 comparer, adulterer, porn aficionado — has vowed to collect the 15,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot.

Levy falls short on primary try; Lazio advances alone [Capitol Confidential/Times Union]