Shifts at Fox Business Network: Bolling In; Willard, Ramsey Out


Longtime Fox Business Network analyst Eric Bolling will be taking over the 8 p.m. hour on the channel, replacing the Happy Hour program with his own show, Money Rocks. Ousted from the network are former Happy Hour hosts Cody Willard and Dave Ramsey. Additionally, a program hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano will debut this weekend. Its goal is to “explore the topic of economic liberties and consumer rights as outlined by the United States Constitution.” Each week, apparently, Napolitano “will be joined by a panel of legal and business experts to debate the expanding role of the government and how it affects taxpayers.” It’s called Freedom Watch, but with opening guests Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, it sounds like it may as well be called Saturday Afternoon Tea Party. Which, quite frankly, sounds like a really good idea for a show no matter how you slice it.

Fox Business Revamps: Bolling To Host Money Rocks, Willard & Ramsey Out [Mediaite]