Sometimes Love Makes You Steal a Bus


Why does a person steal a Greyhound bus? Twenty-nine-year-old Duane Snipes had a lot of reasons on the tip of his tongue when cops asked him exactly that last week. He was going to drive his daughter to school, for example. He was going on a joyride. He had a plan to conduct scenic tours! But the real reason, of course, is the same reason anybody steals a Greyhound bus: love. Snipes had a girlfriend he wanted to go visit in Mount Vernon, and had no way to get there. (Presumably, taking the train was too difficult — all those complicated levers.) So he drove the bus up to Westchester and abandoned it, sparking a brief terror scare.

If you’re wondering why he gave any other excuses, given that love is the one way to get out of any crime, Snipes’s mother has an answer for you: He has another girlfriend in North Carolina, and another in the Bronx with a 9-year-old daughter. Love is complicated, as they say. Sometimes you just have to steal a Greyhound bus.

Romeo ‘takes’ the bus [NYP]