Steve Cohen Had His Reasons for Giving an Interview to Vanity Fair


Aside from the occasional appearance on Spanglish talk shows, billionaire SAC Capital founder Steve Cohen literally never gives interviews, which is why it’s a surprise that this month, the super-secretive hedge-fund manager opened up to Vanity Fair’s Bryan Burrough about the insider-trading rumors that have dogged the firm of late, his legal battle with his ex-wife, and the fact that he may soon retire from full-time trading. But, as Burrough points out, Cohen had his own reasons for cooperating with the magazine, reasons that had less to do with clearing his good name than with showing off his good side.

Burroughs … adds that during the interview he picked up on the fact that Cohen’s wife had always wanted to be shot by Annie Leibovitz, “so I think that was the key to our access there.”

Oh, sure. Blame it on the wife. It has nothing to do with Annie’s ability to make curves look sexy, not schlumpy.

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