Sticky, the Prospect Park Goose, Soon Won’t Be Able to Escape


Our new favorite goose, the one who is thawing our eternal distrust of terrorist birds, is “Sticky,” the plucky Canada goose running around Prospect Park with an arrow through his neck. Even the city is rooting for him! Or so they say: Rangers have been chasing him for several days with the goal of sedating him and removing the arrow so it won’t cause further harm. So far he has eluded capture and is not even tempted by that widely known Achilles heel of all geese: microwave popcorn. So the city has decided that they will wait until he molts and is unable to fly, at which point they will capture him and perform a relatively painless procedure. Sounds benevolent, right? Well. Someone should maybe tell Sticky that the last time the city waited until geese molted to perform a “relatively painless procedure,” they ended up rounding up 2,000 of them and gassing them to death. Run, Sticky! Run like the wind! On those little floppy triangle feet!

Goose Search Is Postponed Pending Feather Loss [City Room/NYT]