Ted Kennedy’s Life Wasn’t All Death Threats


According to the FBI’s Ted Kennedy files, which were released today, the former Massachusetts senator faced death threats on a fairly regular basis for decades. There was the guy who specifically warned that if Kennedy ran for president, he’d be killed with a crossbow. There was Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert Kennedy, who apparently tried to pay a friend in prison to kill Teddy as well. There was the South American assassination plot that National Review editor William F. Buckley relayed to the FBI. All in all, Kennedy’s life sounds pretty stressful, what with the constant possibility of being murdered and all, which may be why he allegedly blew off some steam with secret sex parties.

In one memo from 1965, a “very wealthy” former diplomat’s wife named Jacqueline Hammond is reported to have information “concerning sex parties” that took place in New York’s Hotel Carlyle, where she “maintained” a room. In attendance at these sex parties? JFK, RFK, Teddy, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Teddy’s sister Patricia, and Patricia’s husband Peter Lawford. Not at the same time! We hope! Oh God, do we hope.

Kennedy Brothers Sex Parties? [Smoking Gun]