Ted Koppel’s Son Dead After Daylong Drinking Bender


Andrew Koppel, the 40-year-old son of TV journalist Ted Koppel, died yesterday in the Washington Heights apartment of a man he had just met that day in a bar, the Post reports. Koppel met 32-year-old waiter Russell Wimberly at Smith’s, a straight bar in Hell’s Kitchen, around noon and started drinking with him. According to Wimberly, they went on drinking elsewhere, and eventually stopped by a liquor store for some whiskey and beer. After that, they headed up to the apartment of a friend of Wimberly’s at 180th Street, where they put Koppel to bed to sleep off the booze. When they checked on him a couple of hours later, his condition had deteriorated. When the ambulance they called arrived, medics discovered that he was dead. According to Wimberly, Koppel had not done any drugs that day. No one has been charged with a crime.

Koppel son dies after a bender [NYP]