The Situation’s Abs Literally Incite Violence


Remember when MTV's Jersey Shore got in trouble for its depictions of violence and removed a clip from an episode in which Snooki got punched in the face by some drunk dude because critics were worried it would send the message that assault against women was somehow normal or acceptable? Well, the show hasn't stopped inciting people to violent acts. According to TMZ, the latest incident of unrest in Seaside Heights was not because one of the Jersey Shore cast members was mouthing off — it was because he was stripping down. Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino was dancing on a balcony at the Aztec Ocean Resort over the weekend when a huge crowd started to assemble in the street to watch. Everything was going fine until the Sitch took off his shirt, at which point the website claims the 3,000-odd onlookers started to go slightly insane. People began pushing and shoving one another in their ab-induced hysteria, to the point that cops had to ask the Situation to put his shirt back on. That has got to be the highest compliment in the world of the Shore, that the very unveiling of your sweaty torso can bring mobs of people to do violent acts. In Manhattan terms, that would be like if you revealed the inside of your apartment, and hordes of people were driven to suicide. Congratulations, young man.

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