The Stamina of Charlie Rangel


If you want to understand the appeal of Democrat Charlie Rangel, who, even amid approximately half a dozen tax and ethics scandals, is running for his 21st term in Congress this year, here's a part of it: He's the twelfth-hardest-working representative in Congress, according to The Hill.

Rangel arrives at his office in the Rayburn Building at 8 a.m. and departs around 10:30 p.m. every weeknight. He tries to dedicate the second half of what is usually a 15-hour day to his Harlem constituents. "Being a chairman, I can't stop being the local congressman. I work all day with legislation.”

The man is 80 years old, mind you. When we're 80, we're waking up at 2 p.m. and going to bed at 5:30. Unless science makes 80 the new 70. Then it'll be 6 p.m.

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