This Alvin Greene Voter Is All That Is Wrong With Democracy


There are many theories as to how unemployed, barely existing Senate candidate Alvin Greene managed to win 59 percent of the votes in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. There’s the “primacy” theory, in which lazy people who knew nothing of either Greene or his opponent, Vic Rawls, just voted for the guy on top of the ballot. There’s the “black name” theory, in which the “e” at the end of Greene’s name signaled his race to African-American voters. Some people suspect mechanical malfunctions in the voting machines, or even tampering. And then there’s the “Al Green theory,” in which the name Alvin Greene reminded voters of their warm feelings for late still living soul singer Al Green. At least one “ashamed” woman has admitted to using this method on Election Day, as disturbing as that is. “I feel terrible about it,” she says now. One question comes to mind: If you had literally no basis to vote for either candidate, why not just not vote on that race?

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