Times to Host FiveThirtyEight and Make Nate Silver Regular Contributor


Nate Silver, the political blogger whose statistical analyses of poll numbers became addictive to many followers of the 2008 presidential election, has found a roomy home for his blog FiveThirtyEight. The site, which was named for the number of electors in the United States electoral college, will now be hosted by the New York Times, and Silver himself will be a regular contributor to the Times and The New York Times Magazine. According to the paper’s announcement today, he’ll keep all rights to FiveThirtyEight “and will continue to run it himself, but ‘under the banner and auspices of NYTimes.com’” (that setup will be similar to the one the paper has with their Freakonomics blog and its authors). Since he made his name for himself playing with statistics in sports and politics, he’s branched out to other things — including crafting this magazine’s recent neighborhood Livability Index. Going into the contentious (and confusing) midterm elections this fall, Silver’s sure to have a lot of work on his hands, and likely a lot of confounded readers turning to his analysis.

The Times to Host Political Polling Site FiveThirtyEight [Media Decoder/NYT]
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