Tom Florio to Leave Condé Nast


Longtime Vogue publisher and Condé Nast senior vice-president Tom Florio will be leaving the magazine he’s helmed (alongside Anna Wintour) for eight years. A Condé vet since the eighties, Florio has spent most of his life building the brands of Vogue, Men’s Vogue, Teen Vogue, and lately, Bon Appétit and Condé Nast Traveler. “I want to be CEO of my own company,” he told the Journal. “We already have a really good CEO [in Chuck Townsend].” He has yet to announce where he’ll go, but he has the credentials. In his years at Vogue, the magazine topped 3,200 ad pages and expanded vastly in the digital world. Florio also, at various times, served as publisher for Condé Nast Traveler, The New Yorker, and GQ.

Update: Ad Age reports that Condé won’t replace Florio, and that the publishers under him will report directly to Townsend going forward.
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