Underpants-Clad Madman Steals Truck, Injures Two Young Girls


An unidentified man wearing only underpants, sneakers, and an unbuttoned dress shirt was arrested yesterday in Brooklyn after stealing a delivery truck and going on a joyride/demolition derby through the borough. And that’s not the weirdest part: According to the Daily News, “the lunatic was munching on leaves straight from tree branches and menacing kids with a garden hose in Marine Park before he suddenly hopped behind the wheel of a parked delivery truck and sped off — with a worker still inside.” Straight from the tree branches? Not from the ground like a normal crazy person? During the wild ride (throughout which the passenger was screaming and hanging on for dear life), the driver hit parked and moving cars on either side of the road, and eventually clipped two 12-year-old girls. They were relatively unharmed, and one summed up the occurrence with classic New York–child impassivity: “I turned around and the truck hit me,” Amelia Hellebusch told the Post. “It was a fun day until this happened.”

Half-naked man goes for disastrous joyride after stealing van and striking two young girls [NYDN]