Unsurprisingly, the White House Briefing Room Is a Grindr Hot Spot


Explanatory note to all straight men and women: Grindr is an iPhone app designed to help locate "gay, bi and curious men near you" at any time of day and night, wherever you are, for whatever purpose you need to find them. (Basically, it tells you at any time how far away you are — in feet! — from the possibility of gay sex.) The Washington Examiner had the brilliant idea of wandering around the nation's capital to various seats of power and seeing how the application responded. Naturally, in all of them, gay men were ready and waiting:

There were pages and pages of men on Capitol Hill. Just outside the House gallery, we were 393 feet away from an attractive 27-year-old Georgetown grad. On the White House lawn, only 17 gay men were within our reach, but once inside the press briefing room, the application identified many more options.

Oh, boys.We know who you are, and some of your boyfriends and husbands would not be pleased ... And let's not even get started on the Pentagon.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell [Examiner via NYO]