Without Human Intervention, Sticky Removes Arrow From Own Neck


For about a week now, rangers in Prospect Park have been chasing after “Sticky,” the Canada goose who remarkably has survived for weeks with a broken arrow through his neck. The city workers wanted to remove the arrow so that Sticky didn’t inadvertently injure himself further, or block his precious foie gras tube. But Sticky has had none of it, avoiding capture and minding his own business. When we last heard, the rangers were planning to wait until he molted and was unable to fly, when it would be easier to capture him for the painless removal procedure. Sticky, clearly being no fool and knowing what happens when the city rounds up geese for “painless procedures,” went ahead and removed the arrow himself. Experts are flummoxed as to how he did this, considering most of the humans who live around Prospect Park can’t even remove their own wood splinters, and they have opposable thumbs. How could Sticky have pulled this off? Look at the guy — he literally has Post-Its for hands!

Mother Nature: full of wonders.

Prospect Park Goose Now Arrowless [City Room/NYT]