You Can Live in the Apartment President Obama Lived In When He Was a Nobody


A seemingly ordinary two-bedroom apartment available to rent at 142 West 109th Street actually has a special past: President Obama lived there in 1981 during his junior year at Columbia University. “It’s a dinner conversation,” an agent from Citi Habitats tells the Times. Not only that — it’s history. Can you really put a price on cooking pasta in the same kitchen nook where Obama cooked, squeezing past your roommate in the same narrow hallway where Obama squeezed, or staring at the alleyway across the street where Obama slept his first night in the city when he couldn’t get into the apartment, or for that matter, the hydrant where he supposedly washed up the next morning with a homeless man? Actually, yes, you can. The price is $1,900. And it would be exactly the same whether the president used to live there or not, a Citi Habitats rep tells us.

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