Government’s Goose Genocide Just Getting Started


Yesterday we reported the inspiring reappearance of 28 geese in Prospect Park, after the state government had gassed four-hundred Canada geese to death because they've been attacking airplanes and costing airlines money. Well, the state is retaliating, and then some!

"A nine-page report put together by a variety of national, state and city agencies shows that officials hope to reduce the number of Canada geese in New York to 85,000 from 250,000. That means that roughly 170,000 geese — two-thirds of the population — will be killed. The nearly 400 geese gassed to death this month after being rounded up in Prospect Park in Brooklyn — as well as an unknown number of other geese killed in New York City in recent weeks — were but a small part of the ambitious overall goal outlined in the document."

What?! That is goose genocide! Hopefully a few of these geese have their special flight feathers strapped on again and survive, without holding it against humans for systematically gassing and killing their families, so that we can someday improve the now out-of-control goose-human relations. We're sorry, Sticky!

'State Plans to Eliminate 170,000 Canada Geese' [City Room/NYT]