Sex-Crazed Bedbugs Now Attacking Ad Agencies


Yesterday, all the bedbugs that weren’t crawling through the lacy underwear at Victoria’s Secret were attacking an ad agency. Euro RSCG Worldwide had to shut down on Friday after the critter of the summer was found in five different offices at the agency’s 350 Hudson Street HQ. A Euro RSCG rep told The Wall Street Journal: “We prefer to take absolutely no chances with the health and safety of our employees. Therefore, we decided to close and exterminate the entire office out of an abundance of caution.”

As if we hadn’t already caught on, the Journal confirms that “statewide, the number of calls to exterminators is growing.” The paper adds that the infestation might actually be caused by these sticky, summer nights, since that sort of thing turns bedbugs on, too, apparently! “Exterminators partly blame the hot, balmy weather for spurring the bugs to reproduce faster.” Those little animals.

’Bedbugs Bite Store, Ad Firm’ [WSJ via Gothamist]