After Failed Congressional Bid, Angela McGlowan Back to Fox News


Last week, Times TV writer Brian Stelter spurred some blog posts about Fox News’ African-American audience when he tweeted that less than 1.4 percent of its prime-time viewers are black, much less (in numbers and flat percentages) than rivals CNN or MSNBC. So when Angela McGlowan, a black political commentator and former political candidate, announced on her Facebook page yesterday that she had been hired as a full-time Fox commentator, TV Newser was quick to try to connect the dots. “The timing of McGlowan’s hire may raise some eyebrows from media watchers,” the site mused, citing Stelter’s racial viewership numbers. “McGlowan is African American, and has spearheaded efforts to get the Republican party to reach out to black voters.”

But TV Newser was too quick to point out the link, neglecting to call Fox first: We know the lady a little, so we asked Fox about the timing of her hiring. Turns out McGlowan, who had a contract with Fox previously and only left to make a failed primary bid this spring in a Mississippi congressional race, was hired over a month ago on June 20 — before the Stelter stories. That sounds about right, as it’s roughly two weeks after she got whomped in the Republican primary. “The day Fox News starts making personnel decisions in reaction to a reporter’s tweet,” cracked a Fox publicist, “is the day we might as well close shop.”

How do we know Angela McGlowan? From Fox News! She and Intel Chris have sparred on Fox’s late-night Red Eye show. Now, we know that a few of you may not be up at 3 a.m. watching Fox News. But for the vast majority of you who are, you know just how hilarious the bickering between a right-wing powerful black lady and a fluttery white gay man wearing a ribbon belt can be.