André Balazs: Obama ‘Sat at Every Single Table’ at Anna’s


André Balazs played host last night on the Standard Hotel rooftop, greeting guests at a party after the Cinema Society screening of the movie Twelve. But the hotelier hadn’t seen the film earlier in the evening, because he attended Anna Wintour’s dinner for President Obama instead. So naturally we pressed for details, but apparently, the twin forces of Anna and the Secret Service put the fear into him. We asked him to tell us what the dinner was like. “Well, there was supposed to be no press, so I’m wondering if that’s a good thing to do,” Balazs replied. What does Wintour’s house look like? “Oh, I shouldn’t talk about it,” he said (despite the fact that the whole world saw the inside of her house in The September Issue). We continued pestering him, and he finally offered: “It was a wonderfully intimate evening, and the president was wonderfully articulate and on-focus and, you know, he managed to spend time and sat at every single table, and it was just spectacular. He’s on his game.” Boy, you’d think that after spending a reported $30,000 for a seat, you would get to brag about it, right?