Andrew Cuomo Tries to Be Humble About His Enormous Pile of Cash


The campaign of Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that it had raised a very healthy $9.2 million over the past six months, bringing his total war chest up to $23.6 million, the most cash on hand that any candidate for governor has ever had in July. By comparison, the hauls of his Republican opponents, Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino, were rather unimpressive. Lazio reportedly raised around $2 million in the same period, while Paladino, who's petitioning to get on the primary ballot to challenge Lazio for the Republican nomination, raised $1.8 million — but all of it except for $100,000 was his own money. So, how does it feel to have such a gargantuan lead in the money race?

The attorney general downplayed his campaign gold rush, dubbing his stash "enough money to run an effective campaign."

Considering he's only spent $1.7 million over the past six months, and he has $23.6 million on hand and a 30-point lead in the polls, he could easily lose $18 million in his couch cushions and still be able to run "an effective campaign."

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