Anna Chapman Is Being Sexy Again!


The release of Anna Chapman’s mug shot has confirmed that even weeks after she was sent back to Russia, the media’s collective boner for the spy has yet to subside. “Anna Chapman stares seductively at the camera,” the Daily Mirror reports. The Post says the photo proves that “even on a police mugshot the suspected Russian spy could retain the poise and glamor that made her famous.” Granted, she does look a hell of a lot better than her counterparts, some of whom we’re fairly certain are not alive in their photos, but is there anything Chapman can do that won’t be considered “sexy”? Taking out the garbage? Buying dog food? It reminds us of the Onion article from a while back, “Produce Section Bursts Into Laughter After Will Ferrell Makes Casual Remark About Apples.”

Sexy spy Anna Chapman’s glamorous police mugshot sweeps internet [NYP]