Another New England Politician Has Managed to Alienate Every Red Sox Fan


During her failed campaign for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley infamously claimed that Red Sox hero pitcher Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan, which was truly one of the stupidest things ever spoken, from the standpoint of both politics and logic. Clearly, Coakley had no idea who or what were these “Red Socks” that everyone was always talking about, and the Democrats lost their supermajority. Now Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican senator running as an independent for governor, has made a similarly terrible blunder by openly doubting whether Schilling faked his bloody sock during Game 2 of the 2004 World Series. Great call on that one, questioning one of the most sacred moments of Red Sox lore. It’s like a priest running to be the Pope and saying, “You know, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to walk on water.”

Curt Schilling’s bloody sock now a campaign issue [Game On/USAT]