Anthony Weiner and Peter King Do Their Best Kindergartner Impressions


By now you’ve seen Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner’s diatribe against Republican congressman Peter King, who, despite sponsoring a bill to pay for health care for 9/11 responders, allegedly didn’t do enough to whip up support among his Republican colleagues and provided them cover by blaming the Democrats for using a divisive procedural measure. Today the two New York congressmen met face-to-face on Fox News — well, Weiner did that thing where you argue with someone without ever looking at them — to bicker about who’s to blame for the legislation’s failure: the Democrats, whose decision to deny the GOP an opportunity to propose amendments also required the bill to get two-thirds support instead of the usual majority, or the Republicans, who basically decided to vote against the bill out of spite. Lordy Lord. As Fox News host Bill Hemmer said at the end, “Gentlemen, this may be why Congress today has an 11 percent approval rating by the American public.”