Attorney General Candidate Eric Schneiderman Gets Attention for the Wrong Reasons


Last night, a car carrying Democratic attorney general hopeful Eric Schneiderman in the passenger seat rear-ended a parked car while it was pulling away. Schneiderman’s car left the scene while a bicyclist jotted down his license-plate number and waited for the owner of the parked car, which suffered approximately $3,000 in damages. Unluckily for Schneiderman, that owner turned out to be NY1 executive editor Melissa Rabinovich. Schneiderman, for his part, claims in a statement that he didn’t realize the car had been damaged until Rabinovich called his office this morning. Either way, in a primary race with four other Democrats, none of whom voters really know anything about, Schneiderman is now in danger of becoming “the hit-and-run guy.”

AG Hopeful Eric Schneiderman Involved In Hit-And-Run [Daily Politics/NYDN]

Update: NY1 is now reporting that the driver of the car was Schneiderman staffer Rachel Kagan. Yep, that’s right: Elena Kagan’s niece. The only way this story could get stranger was if Andrew Cuomo was hiding in the trunk.