Be Cheryl Mercuris’s Lap Dog


Do you like rock climbing? Bowling? Squash? Does the idea of running around a $49 million mansion using each and every one of its nineteen bathrooms appeal to you? How about shagging a bleached-blonde fortysomething Florida divorcée in all of its fourteen bedrooms? And: Are you over 18 years old? If you answered these questions with a resounding “yes!” then please make the acquaintance of Cheryl Mercuris, who made a fortune in direct marketing and is spending $500,000 of it to rent Sandcastles, an East End mansion with all of the above-mentioned amenities, for two weeks this summer, in large part because, “The dating pool is much better here than in Florida!” Gents, this is your chance at two weeks of Hamptonian bliss. Do not let this woman go home disappointed.

$500G for ro-manse [NYP]