BP Cuts Payments on 40,000 Claims


BP is no longer planning to fully pay 40,000 of the 99,508 people who have filed payment claims after being significantly impacted by the oil spill, because their claim files were “incomplete,” improperly filled out, or they don’t have state records that BP finds acceptable. “This will be devastating to individuals surviving financially month-to-month,” said Kristy Nichols, the secretary of Louisiana’s Department of Family Services. “This action is irresponsible and in complete contrast to BP’s repeated promise that they will ‘make things right.’” Nichols is currently requesting BP accept alternate forms of documentation and reconsider the decision to cut the amount they’re paying these individuals. Meanwhile, sometime BP CEO Tony Hayward is getting the full-on celebrity treatment: TMZ found him watching the World Cup, sitting sort of near a hot chick who isn’t his wife, and ordering shrimp fajitas in Texas. [NYDN, Gawker]