Brad Pitt Finally Hot Again

Bids for Lindsay Lohan’s pre- and post-jail interviews are coming in at over $500,000. Snooki ditched her pouf. Jude Law sang a karaoke rendition of “Johnny B. Goode” in the Czech Republic. Brad Pitt finally shaved his beard. And though Angelina Jolie vowed she wouldn’t marry him until marriage was legal for everyone, she’s reconsidering upon the request of her six children. Lady Gaga visited her bartender boyfriend, Luc Carl, at St. Jerome’s in the East Village Saturday night, sipping red wine with her bodyguard in tow. Carl’s co-workers, meanwhile, have been instructed to claim they don’t know him.

Rachel Uchitel partied at Dorrian’s Red Hand. Following her breakup from Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi was “drunk and all over the place” at a Playboy party. Guy Ritchie stepped out with his new model girlfriend. Christina Milian and singer/producer The-Dream eloped last September, and now they’re splitting up. Spencer Pratt may have plans to crash the Hills finale party. He’s also currently homeless, tweeting, “Booking my room at Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood now that I have no place to live I think I should just move in there today stay near the action.”

Michelle Paterson drew applause from attendees of the Parish Art Museum gala in Southampton, like Donna Karan and Jay McInerney, and explained that her husband was absent because, “He’s been busy in Albany signing 6,681 vetoes to keep spending down.” Melissa Etheridge claims she’s paying all her ex’s bills, though Tammy Lynn Michaels claims Etheridge left her broke. And Kourtney Kardashian’s extreme post-baby diet made her faint.