Breitbart: ‘As Difficult As It Probably Was for [Shirley Sherrod], It’s Been Difficult for Me As Well’


Andrew Breitbart has finally admitted that he should have waited to get the whole story before posting an edited video of Shirley Sherrod addressing the NAACP, a clip he called “racist” at the time. As has been endlessly rehashed on blogs and cable news, Sherrod lost her job because of this original take on the clip (which was shared by major journalism outlets, and her employer the Department of Agriculture, alike). In the ensuing chaos, Sherrod hurled some insults in Breitbart’s direction, and ultimately vowed to sue him.

If I could do it all over again, I should have waited for the full video to get to me,” Breitbart told Newsweek in an interview today, adding: “As difficult as it probably was for her, it’s been difficult for me as well, especially to hear her hurl an accusation of racism at me, when my motivation is absolutely pure and is driven by a desire for this country to move beyond its horrid racist past.” As far as the lawsuit is concerned, Breitbart says he’d “go anywhere to have a private discussion with her.”

Look, there’s a lot of blame to go around on this story, and it’s very convenient to try to place it all on me when the Obama administration and the NAACP were also involved,” he argued. “I don’t think anybody looks particularly good in this thing.” It’s hard not to agree.

Breitbart: I’d Like to Speak to Sherrod in Private [Newsweek]