New York Cab Drivers Honored for Performing Basic Acts of Human Decency


All Taxi Management, a firm that leases taxi medallions, held an awards ceremony today honoring cab drivers for exceptional work in the field. Among the honors bestowed:

Rachid Rakhis received a “Good Samaritan” prize for reporting a woman to police after she asked him to find a hit man to kill her husband. (This is especially exceptional as (A) before reporting her to authorities, Rachid spent a long time ferrying her around in a taxi to help her catch her cheating husband, and (B) cab drivers don’t make as much as they used to, not with those infernal credit-card machines, and you’ve go to take cash payouts where you can get them.)

Yves Dandin was given an award for “Most improved driver,” since he hasn’t had an accident since 2006, when he had five. According to the Journal, Dandin was not there to accept his plaque. Fingers crossed he’s okay!

Rafael Crichlow was given an award for “Friendliest cab driver,” for helping a handicapped passenger in and out of his minivan cab. After accepting his award, he explained his motivation: “You’ve got to do it. That way you can move faster.”

Clap … clap?

Tips from New York’s Safest Cabbies [Metropolis/WSJ]