Castro Blames U.S. for Korea Conflict, Warns of Nuclear War With Iran


Fidel Castro spent most of his interview on Cuban state-run television Monday night — his first appearance in front of cameras in eleven months — blaming the U.S. for bringing the world closer to nuclear conflict. He pointed a finger at the U.S., rather than North Korea, for sinking the South Korean ship that killed 46 sailors this spring. Our motivation, according to Castro? To stir up controversy in the region. The former president, aiming to dispel rumors of his deteriorating health with the appearance, also expressed disappointment that China and Russia didn’t veto the U.N. Security Council resolution that added sanctions against Iran to curb its alleged nuclear buildup. If the U.S. attacks Iran, he warned, the results would be catastrophic. “A war there can’t avoid becoming nuclear,” he said.

Castro blames U.S. for stoking nuclear tensions [CNN]