Chances Are, You Didn’t Just ‘Lose’ Your Laptop at JFK


So many laptops, wallets, and suitcases are reported stolen at JFK Airport that police have been ordered by the Port Authority to record some of the thefts as other types of losses. This keeps the absurd number of thefts at an artificially low official rate. Here's how police explain away the ruse, according to the Post:

"Their position is that if a [victim] does not see his property being taken, then he does not have knowledge of a theft and hence, it's a 'lost property.'"

Of course, the fact that items at airports usually only get stolen when one is not looking is breezily ignored by the Port Authority, as though crime is performed at JFK as if it is some gloomy alley at night where hooded men mug screaming women and then flee safely into the darkness, and not a brightly lit airport that is crawling with police officers where literally every exit is guarded and videotaped. One note from a top PAPD captain on a report regarding a laptop stolen while the victim was checking in actually said, "Although we can assume the laptop was stolen, probable cause is not articulated to sustain a larceny. Make this a lost property." You know that rage you save up to use on the airline companies? Better save a little bit of that for the PAPD in case you "lose" something.

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