Charlie Rangel Is ‘Looking Forward’ to Fighting Those Ethics Charges


Harlem Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel, charged with violating congressional ethics rules this week, said those allegations are “like a boil,” but “we’ll burst it.” So, gross? (Among the possible ethics violations are renting four apartments below market price, doing favors for oil-drilling benefactors, and failing to report taxable income from his villa.) Rangel said he’s “looking forward” to making his case before the House Ethics Committee, but Ohio representative and fellow Democrat Betty Sutton is already calling for his resignation: “This isn’t about being a Democrat or Republican, this is about preserving the public trust,” she said.

Meanwhile, if he does get booted from the House, resign, or lose his reelection, he’ll have a mountain of legal fees to pay out of pocket, according to the Daily News. The paper reports: “That leaves [Rangel] with no choice but to run for, and win, a 21st term in the House to keep raising campaign money to pay legal fees which top $1.7 million.” Just like popping a blister 

’Rep. Charles Rangel needs to keep running for office to pay off mounting legal debt’ [NYDN]
’Rangel set to fight ethics rap as Dem calls for ouster’ [NYP]