Outlook For Settlement Not Good For Charlie Rangel


Charlie Rangel has confirmed that his lawyers are currently discussing a potential settlement with the House ethics committee lawyers that would mean the veteran Democrat would avoid the scheduled public hearing this week over his ethics allegations. Rangel was, to say the least, vague when questioned about the ongoing talks: “Negotiations are much like the arc of legislative conferences, and that is until everything is agreed upon, there’s absolutely nothing agreed upon,” he said when leaving the House floor Tuesday, refusing to discuss any details.

However, Politico is reporting that chances for a deal may be unlikely, as Rangel allegedly met with Ethics Committee chairwoman Rep. Zoe Lofren without any Republican members of the bipartisan panel present. (Rangel and Lofren both deny that the meeting took place.) The rumors could spell trouble for Rangel, as any deal would have to win support from at least one GOP member of the panel.

Rangel confirms settlement talks with ethics panel
No deal in sight for Rangel [Politico]