Colorado Senate Candidate Is So Manly, He Walks Around With Poop Right on His Shoes


Nobody around these parts has really been paying any attention to the Republican Senate primary in Colorado between District Attorney Ken Buck and former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton. But now that the candidates have started all-out gender war, we’re ready to take notice. It all began last week when Norton ran an ad that basically called Buck a big pussy.

So what we learn here is that Buck is spineless and barely a man because an interest group ran some ads for him. What will you do as senator, Ken Buck, just piss your pants all the time, right on the Senate floor, for almost no reason at all?

Well, Buck didn’t really appreciate that. He is a man. And his gender, along with the sheer amount of shit that covers his boots at all times, is reason enough to vote for him, according to his remarks last weekend at the Independence Institute’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Party, which sounds both very fun and very dangerous. (Good stuff starts at 39 seconds in.)

Yep, Buck stepped in it all right — the high-heels line is already coming back to haunt him. He went from not enough of a man to a man so manly that he has no respect for women, or hygiene. There’s a happy middle ground in there that Buck just skipped over entirely.

Ken Buck: Vote For Me ‘Because I Do Not Wear High Heels’ (VIDEO) [HuffPo]