Cuomo: Gay Marriage Can Pass in 2011


Andrew Cuomo was asked by a reporter today if he thought a marriage-equality bill like the one that was defeated in the State Senate this December could pass in 2011. “Do I think it can? Yes,” he replied. After the election this fall, state senators will have another reprieve before they have to face the wrath of their constituents (who almost universally loathe them) in two years. Traditionally, it’s easier to get sensitive policy issues past the senators if they’re not panicked about reelection. Also, Cuomo says gay marriage “is a priority” for him if he gets elected. Not that anything said by anyone heading to work in Albany can be trusted. But Cuomo has come along: When he first ran for governor in 2002, he declared that he supported civil unions over same-sex marriage. Now he’s saying passing a marriage-equality bill is “a priority.” If only the rest of Albany could grow up a little.

Cuomo: Gay Marriage Will Be a ‘Priority’ in 2011 [Metropolis/WSJ]