Daily News Employees to Be Freed From Far West Side Wind Tunnel of Doom


In the winter, walking to 450 West 33rd Street from Penn Station is brutal. The open Hudson Rail Yards funnel wind from across the Hudson down the slope of 33rd Street, freezing faces and fingers and even crappy deli coffee that was purchased only moments ago at lavalike temperatures. So the Daily News staffers (those that don’t take commuter trains into the city, that is) might just be delighted that their offices are finally moving from that no-man’s-land down to 4 New York Plaza in lower lower Manhattan, land of the many subway stations and mediocre-but-plentiful lunch options. (This move has been rumored for a while.) Mort Zuckerman says he’s doing it to install his paper in a more modern home, which makes sense, as the old building was feeling pretty tired. More awkward, though, is the fact that the News is hurrying out of that space just as Gay Men’s Health Crisis and its HIV/AIDS services clinic are moving in.

Daily News to move downtown [Crain’s]