Diddy Is Learning How to Sing

50 Cent brought 50 guests to the Twelve premiere last night in the East Village, arriving late because the street was closed off for Obama’s motorcade. President Obama, meanwhile, skipped out on the steak or salmon at Anna Wintour’s house in favor of dining solo at The Four Seasons. Julia Roberts was forced to eat delicious Italian food for Eat Pray Love, and she “loved every pound” she gained. But Demi Moore’s on a three-week cleanse, and Sarah Ferguson owes her personal trainer 65,000 pounds. Ed Westwick showed off his chest hair at the Beverly Hilton. Zoe Saldana stripped down to her lingerie for Calvin Klein. And Diddy is taking singing lessons.

George Clooney’s companion-of-the-moment, Elisabetta Canalis, was connected to a cocaine-and-prostitution bust at two Italian nightclubs. A former male Late Night stage manager is accusing Jimmy Fallon of sexual discrimination, claiming he was fired because Fallon prefers taking direction from women. The Soho House guest who took a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo has now been banned from the club. After his second DUI arrest, Chris Klein extended his 30-day stay in rehab. Lindsay Lohan’s been causing a fuss in jail, demanding things like extra blankets and a fan, but Dina Lohan denied reports that her daughter’s getting special treatment, venting, “She doesn’t even have a pillow to sleep on.”

Gerard Butler is the new face of L’Oréal. Matt LeBlanc’s hair is completely gray, and he says he was dying it throughout all of Friends. Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend dropped out of Wharton to live with her in L.A. And Heidi Klum noted that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom will make a “handsome baby.”