Glenn Beck’s Sponsor, Goldline, Under Investigation


Goldline is not only one of the advertisers who is not boycotting Glenn Beck, it’s one of the pioneers in weaving their product into a (paid) news personality’s on-air messaging. Beck shills for the gold-selling organization, while they serve as a primary advertiser for his Fox News program. That alone is a credibility problem that has been raised before — a problem that deepened today with the news that California law-enforcement officials have launched an investigation into Goldline’s practices. “There are two main types of complaints we’re seeing,” Adam Radinsky of the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office (which is working with the Los Angeles DA) told ABC News. “One is that customers say that they were lied to and misled in entering into their purchases of gold coins, and the other group is saying that they received something different from what they had ordered.” The DA offices are investigating over 100 consumer complaints. Of course, this isn’t Glenn Beck’s fault: He advised his viewers to “pray over” their decision to invest with Goldline. If it was a con, it’s God’s fault!

Glenn Beck’s Golden Advertiser Under Investigation [ABC News]