Governor Paterson’s Back Hurts From Signing So Many Vetoes


He made the threat, and now he has to go through with it. Last weekend Governor Paterson vowed to veto any and all member items (earmarks) passed by the state legislature, and yesterday he spent six hours affixing his name or initials to about 4,700 of them. With 2,200 more to go this morning, how is Governor Paterson’s hand holding up? Is it temporarily crippled, like Jerry Seinfeld’s after he signed hundreds of twelve-cent royalty checks for his brief appearance in the opening credits of the Super Terrific Happy Hour? Or even worse, will it become forever fixed into some kind of grotesque claw that people stare at out of the corner of their eye when they speak to him? Actually, the hand is fine. “His back actually hurts more than anything,” Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said last night. “Not his hand. People think the hand, but it’s the back.”

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