Hiram Monserrate and Karla Giraldo Had a Night of Champagne and Makeup Sex


After a judge eased an order of protection that had kept Hiram Monserrate and Karla Giraldo apart since their fateful glass-shattering incident a year and a half ago, the former senator and the woman he never stopped loving (except for when he completely moved on and started hitting on twentysomething girls) went out for a romantic dinner — with reporters in tow, so they could witness first-hand how un-abusive Monserrate is now. At Astoria’s Cavo restaurant, Monserrate was all smiles, probably because he was about to finally get laid again.

Asked what they planned for the rest of the night, Monserrate grinned and said, “What do you think we’ll do later?”

That’s sweet. But the two did seem genuinely happy to be a couple again. They talked of putting the past behind them, and their future together.

He and Giraldo, 31, agreed that marriage was in their future — and they clinked their champagne flutes in agreement.


Ousted state Sen. Hiram Monserrate reunites with girlfriend Karla Giraldo post assault [NYDN]