Introducing the LIRR ‘Gap Rap’


Dr. John Clarke, the man who brought you the “H1N1 Rap,” has dropped a new surefire hit: “The Gap Rap.” Clarke, in his role as medical director for the Long Island Rail Road, is concerned that riders — especially kids with their teeny feet that always find their way into nooks and crannies — aren’t keeping their eye on the gap between the train and the platform when boarding. Sample lyric: “Never crowd the door when it opens keep it flowing / Let people off the train before you try to go in.” This one doesn’t have the same lyrical whimsy as his previous effort (in which he rhymed “I advise ya” with “hand sanitizer”), and there is a lot of unfortunate rhyming of the word “train” with … the word “train.” However, his choreographed posse of multiracial rapping children really takes this video to the next level.