John Boehner Says Report About Something He Said ‘Seems Like a Rumor’


This morning, the Post reported that House Minority Leader John Boehner had scolded Republican congressmen for partying with sexy female lobbyists during an election year. In one particularly unhelpful incident, Nebraska’s Lee Terry was overheard at bar asking a giggling lobbyist, “Why did you get me so drunk?” Not the type of stuff the voters appreciate! So is it true that Boehner told them to “knock it off”? What say you, Boehner? “Seems like a rumor to me,” he told reporters today. Huh? Wouldn’t you know if it was a rumor or not, since you’re the one who’s supposed to have said it?

Boehner dismisses NY Post report as ‘rumor’ [On Congress/Politico]