Judge Believes Foxy Brown Really Can Resist Mooning Her Enemies


Geraldine Pickett has faith that willpower can conquer everything. That’s the only way to explain the Brooklyn judge’s ruling this week in the case of Foxy Brown and Arlene Raymond. Raymond, you see, has an order of protection against her fading hip-hopper neighbor that dates back to three years ago, when Brown beaned her with a BlackBerry during a shouting match. Last week, Brown was briefly tossed in jail for violating that order when she ran into Raymond on their shared Prospect Heights street and, according to the criminal complaint, “bent over, thrust [her] buttocks at the [victim] while shouting … ‘Kiss my ass!’ at which time the defendant’s buttocks and undergarments were exposed to [Raymond].” Brown’s lawyers claim that Raymond is actually the stalker, and that Brown needs an order of protection against her. But amazingly, Judge Picket ruled yesterday that no such order of protection is needed. She advised Brown to just “walk in the other direction” when she encounters Raymond, rather than mooning her. Can you imagine? Like Foxy has some choice in the matter!

Foxy is out of ‘order’ [NYP]