Larry King Trading In Suspenders for Imitation Brooklyn Bagels


In Larry King’s statement announcing his departure, he noted he would be able to spend time at his son’s Little League games once his nightly show ends this fall. But it looks like King will have some other endeavors taking up his time. In addition to keeping up his Twitter and hosting some specials for CNN, King has recently closed a deal to become a financial partner in the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, a Florida-based company that, bizarrely, claims to have developed a “water treatment technology” that creates water identical to that found in Brooklyn, allowing them to produce bagels that supposedly taste like they were made in the borough. According to Deadline, King will lend “his name and his stature” to the operation as they plan to expand to Beverly Hills and across the country.

Larry King Heading Into Bagel Biz; Will He Have To Answer To Nate N’ Al? [Deadline]