Lindsay Lohan Has the Attention of Her Ex-Girlfriend


It’s been a bad week for Lindsay Lohan: She was sentenced to 90 days in jail; her dad’s been running his mouth again; her lawyer quit; and her nail polish has come under intense scrutiny. But, finally, a good-ish thing has happened to her: She’s gotten the attention of her ex-girlfriend, D.J. Samantha Ronson. It seems Ronson faced the painful phenomenon of following someone she likes on Twitter — in this case, Joan Rivers — only to find that, in tweet form, she hates this person! Rivers tweeted, “Lindsay Lohan is so dumb. Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge,” and “Lindsay Lohan had ‘F-ck you’ painted on her nails. What people don’t know is that the judge had ‘Eat me you party skank,’ painted on hers.” And: “I was just reading about the new Lindsay Lohan diet, which is all liquid. 80 proof.” So Ronson, finally, shot back, “Hey Joan Rivers. You have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait I guess people that old can’t hear.” Lohan re-tweeted the message and told her ex, “thank you. ;)” Aw! Celebrities defending their publicly beleaguered, jail-sentenced exes against Joan Rivers on Twitter: Yeah, just like us … [People]