David Cameron Will Not Even Appear Within a Certain Number of Feet of Lloyd Blankfein


British Prime Minister David Cameron was in town last week, and he made sure to very casually have his photo taken with Mayor Bloomberg while they both ate hot dogs from a street vendor. But in a Mean Girls–inspired move, Cameron’s people reportedly “insisted they didn’t want Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein to be seated next to [Cameron]” or even accidentally end up in the same photo as him when they both visited Nasdaq. Published photos from the event expose merely the hint of Blankfein’s back, a table away from the Prime Minster. Adding to this dis, NY Mellon CEO Bob Kelly was arms-over-shoulders with Cameron right in front of Lloyd. Oh after his Oprah appearance and charm offensive, Lloyd will remember this, David Cameron, and we’ll see who wants to be in whose Facebook albums then. [Page Six/NYP]