Matchmaking Moms Discover the Internet


Is your mom the type of person who is so obsessed with finding you a mate that she’ll mention it to you anytime one of her friends — even distant ones — is revealed to have a single son/daughter/niece/neighbor just released from juvie? Does she, like Geri Brin, set you up with her dental hygienist’s friend? Or the saleswoman from the upholstery store? Then you better hope she doesn’t find out about the new feature on the website, where moms can post dating profiles for their single sons and daughters in the hopes of finally finding them the love they can’t seem to track down on their own. Brin’s perpetually single son Colby (who looks cute!) inspired her to create the feature. But the 31-year-old seems to have a sense of humor about it. “One thing about my mom, she has perseverance,” he said. “I can picture her on her death bed … choking out the words, ‘Colby, did you call that girl?’ before fading into darkness.” The only caveat about the site? That even if you can reconcile settling down with the kind of person who would be okay with being on it, you’re also stuck with the kind of mother-in-law who would put their child on it.

Marry my boy! [NYP]